Festival Style// Wrap Top & Vintage Guess Jeans

High waisted, baggy and straight style jeans are very popular to wear this time around- especially vintage (mom) style Jeans . This style is my favorite thing to wear and keep in my closet. I love a good vintage jean

In my last thrift store trip, I found these guess vintage jeans that were perfectly high waisted, washed out and straight leg. Right away I knew their worth and how I needed them. These jeans I bought for ($7) but their worth right by now are about ($100-120). Looks like I’ll be keeping these babies for awhile.

In my mind my International were to resell in Poshmark. At the time these jeans did not fit me and were to small to even go up my thighs! But lately , with the help of my best friend – I’ve been going to the gym for two months straight. One crazy afternoon of cleaning out my closet, i decided to try them out – just for fun. Successfully they fit – and the they close!! I was so happy and proud of myself I wanted to keep them longer- and only for me.

My next thought was of course cutting them up to shorts. I go through this phase a lot when I first by a pair of jeans from the thrift store, only because I know how to cut them correctly for my body and I love a high waisted cut off short. But like my old vintage Calvin Klein Jeans that I also bought at the thrift store, I’ll keep them the way they are – for now.

This top is from boohoo and since festivals are happening right around this time. You can totally put this up with some cute shorts or a fashionable skirt. I felt brave in this top with these style of jeans because it really showed how I’ve been working on my body and my self.

My favorite part is this color! I’ve been obsessing over this color and I just love that it suits my skin color really well, it also makes the color of my jeans pop. The boots are from Cape Robin, which I’m obsessed with and believe it or not, they are so comfortable to walk around in.

Here’s more of similiar style tops and jeans!

Hope you love this cool festival vintage style!

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