It’s that day of the week. Monday.

As you take your time waking up, to realize that we are beginning another week/day of work, school or even the last days of vacation – Your also thinking – what the hell am I gonna wear today.

Here are a few things that I piece together in my head, for those lazy days. Forgot to iron my shirt days. My hair is a frizz days. I’m so tired- need coffee days.

1. Long/Short LINEN Black Sleeve Shirt

Preferably one that you know you won’t hassle with ironing in the morning. Some linen shirts will be easy to grab fast since the material is thin.

I’m wearing one from gap and this one of my favorite grab and go kind of shirt. It doesn’t wrinkle fast and Can last in the drawer

Here are a few of the same material that can help your morning outfit:

Scoop Neck Linen Shirt – Gap $30

Rangler Tee- Gap $20

Stripped – Gap $30

Scoop Tank – Gap $20

Linen Top – Banana Republic $40

Black Linen – Lucky Brand $15

2. Ready Jeans

Don’t struggle with jeans you still don’t know what to wear with in the morning. If that’s also a struggle, maybe it’s a sign that you should invest in a new selection of jeans.

Wear your trusted jeans! Some of my favorite pairs come from Forever 21, Levis, Banana Republic and Lucky Brand.

High waist jeans – Banana Republic $98

Girlfriend Jeans – BR $98

Skinny Jean – BR $110

501 Skinny – Levis $98

501 Ankle – Levis $150

High Rise Skinny – F21 $25

Mom Jeans – $30

3. Don’t forget Accessories

This is what pulls an outfit together, even if it’s an extra piece of clothing. A jacket, vest or scarf are the perfect touch to a ready, set, go – outfit. It makes you look pulled together and like you actually tried and did not just got that outfit from your closet in 5 min.

Long Vest -New York and co $48

Jean Vest- Juicy couture $77

Salt & Pepper Vest – $10

Duster – F21 $25

Embroidered Vest – $33

4. Neutral Shoes

With the morning running short, picking out shoes can be difficult. I mean what pair do you even choose down to put on?!

Always think neutral – so forget your hot pink heels you wanted to wear or those colorful printed platform sneakers. You have to think safe, since your practically already late to work! Brown, black , nude are all pretty much safe colors to play with.

Sam Edelman Nude Flats $120

Sam Edelman Pointed Flats – $120

Nude Steve Madden Slip ons – $60

Lucky Brand Flats – $60

Platform Wedges – Steve Madden $50

Enzo A – $60

Mar Fisher – $60

Black Dolce Vita – $60

Well I really hope that your mornings get easier with these little tips. I usually have a whole bunch of black in my closet, but I promise to keep away from the color. It is just very helpful because nothing makes sense in the morning so it’s always better to prepare at night, but just in case you don’t you already know what to do.

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