Opposites Attract

guys it’s been a minute!

Recently I’ve been busy making new Karma Evil Eye earrings and testing what works and what doesn’t for these new colors I purchased.

I have found what I think might work for these earrings I worked so hard on. I keep finding new techniques and different ways to secure them.

If you guys want some cool colors, let me know what is your favorite so I can search for it!

I used this color of earrings with this top to make this color pop! Whenever you have doubt in going bold and really making an outfit stand out, you can use the color wheel to guide you and help you make a bold choice. Here’s a link to help!

Color Wheel

I used red and green as the bold choice to pair my earrings with since its minimal and using your accessories is a great way to add that pop of color.

Here are some cool tops that have that interesting color choice that can make your wardrobe pop! My top is from Zara and I purchased it awhile back! Sadly I don’t have a link for it. However, here some similar styles, along with the help of these Karma Evil Eye Earrings.

If you guys need help pairing up clothes, accessories or anything! Let me know – I love to help!

Also contact me if you want to purchase some of these earrings that I created by hand!

-All with love-

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