What to Wear Under a White Tee.

Sometimes a white tee is just the perfect, causal, simple look you want to go for and sadly sometimes they are just too sheer.

What do you wear it with?

Do you wear it with an undershirt or not?

What color bra do you wear it with?

So I put this to the test! I have tried everything to make your outfit look less … weird. Here are a few tips and the answers to the questions above.

What do you wear it with?

You can wear a white tee with almost everything for any occasion. My favorite is pairing it with some ripped distressed jeans or when I want to go bold I wear it with some colorful pants.

When going out to a wedding or church you can wear it with a nice skirt of pant suit. As well as some nice chinos or slacks. And just add some accessories and heels.

Do you wear it with an undershirt or not?

I usually don’t wear it with an undershirt because it’s so hot down in Texas. But when I have color bra that it’s my last resort or if I’m trying to save the bra I’m wearing, then in that case I do. I end up wearing it with a skin tone color cami. ONLY! I don’t wear white underneath or black.

What color bra do you wear it with?

Like the cami undershirts, I wear only skin tone colored bras. Beige, Brown and even sometimes in rare situations Black. Never wear white color bra or colored, patterned or lace.

Why not white? Like adding an extra coat of paint to a painting, it’ll make it brighter. So by wearing a more nude neutral then you soften the look of it being too sheer so it goes with your skin tone more or less. By wearing a colored bra, then you just making it more revealing, unless that’s the fashion statement you want to give. Lace bras can show the details through the shirt, it’s cute if your trying to wear a bralette and do more of a peekaboo.

Here are some helpful tips!

Tip 1:When all fails wear a second piece, like a blazer, vest, kimono.

Tip 2: White shirts are a ready to go – kind of outfit Add colorful earrings to add on a – im late – outfit.

Tip 3: You can do colorful bralettes to add to your top. But your outfit will look cute and tied together if you wear it with loose fitting shirt, v neck or racer back white tee.

Here a few similar styles:

If you guys have any questions! Let me know! Email me through my gmail, on Instagram, on twitter or on facebook.

Hope you guys love!

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