The day of short shorts, cute skirts and summer dresses are coming up! Call me crazy but I really did miss the heat in a way. This means that I gotta think hard when I’m lounging in my house with my comfy sweat pants, because if I go outside the heat will be unbearable! My house gets crazy cold and I’m always cold when the AC is on, so I’m always wrapped in a blanket or wearing Roeys sweats.

Despite the heat, I still wear my booties for any occasion. Just because it’s a hot day out doesn’t mean you can’t wear them! The good thing with this is that during the summer booties are pretty much on sale because Sandals, wedges and summer shoes are much more popular now. Take advantage!

I found these cute shorts at TjMaxx and this top I actually found it at the thrift store. My booties are from forever21 from a couple years ago.

Hopefully you guys love this outfit combo!

Let me know if you need help with getting an outfit together, Ill be happy to help!

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