Ever since I started to get the idea of becoming a blogger and taking pictures of my outfits, posting them on instagram and sharing them with you all, it was nerve wrecking.

First of all I only have so many clothes to handle in my small closet, which I share with my husband. This did not stop me of (of course), I constantly thought of different ways to set up clothes and make it look different so there was enough content to share. Let me tell you all a secret. If it came to a dress or statement top/blouse, I probably did not wear it for like 6+ months. This is what I feel like can happen! (hence GIF below).


If it was an expensive blouse or thought it had some value, I’ll probably have it in my closet for years to come. Clothes can come in handy sometimes in the future, hell, it may even come back 2, 3 years from now.

Second, starting in this blog world was so different and I barely even knew what I was doing. Two years later – things are different now, and I have learned so many things a long the way, even meeting new people. When you get yourself to a new community of people who do things just like you, it feels great! I love meeting new friends and talking about things that are relatable to your feelings and struggles.

In the beginning I felt absurd and silly taking pictures of myself and posing to get the angle right, or letting other people take it and telling them how to. But as time passes on and people really look forward to your creativity and compliment your work, it starts to get easy and it becomes normal. I am so grateful for Roey, my sisters, my mom and dad, my whole family and all my best friends – they all supported me from the beginning, because they all knew my spirit and how I worked. They knew my passion and sometimes its hard shaking things off when I engrave in my mind the goals I create.

I want to have so much in my life and I tend to be that person that won’t stop until I have it in my hands. Now with my earring collection at hand, I am so grateful that a lot of you like what I created. Its almost like an art piece – when you create and art, it is so hard to let go because it so perfect, you work so hard and you just want to keep it. But I am so happy that you guys love my work. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Hope you guys have a Happy Monday!


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