Who Wears Short Shorts?

I wanted to share with you a certain style I’m digging at the moment. Shorts and wedges. Weeks before, I was kind of obsessed with the show Hart of Dixie, featuring Rachel Bilson on Netflix. Her style of course has been one of my favorites too look after. To be honest, a show will suck me in because of the characters wardrobe ( and of course the drama). Thats why I love shows like Sex and the City, Younger, Friends (because of Jennifer Aniston) and Lizzy McGuire, lol.

I kind of wanted to copy Rachels Bilsons look since she really knows how to pull of quirky pieces and make them look like they belong. I learned that wearing shorts with wedges looks sexy and makes your legs look lean and long. why not show them off? I get my style inspiration from places,people, art and believe it or not business.

I paired a Coral Printed Lucky Brand top made with one of my favorite BCBG Striped shorts. It is always ok to mix prints for a more interesting outfit and by making sure the shoes stay in their neutral color tone to avoid clash. Link below for outfit details and similar styles.

Hope you get inspired, and also leave a comment on my next Netflix binge should be!


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