Karma Jewelry: Evil Eye Earrings

About Karma Jewelry:

My interest for evil eyes and everything that symbolizes the warding off of evil was always something that interested me and I was always curious to know what they mean and how they derived. Religion, spiritual groups and cultures use different symbols, materials, color for a way to protect and receive good and bad energy.

The thought of bright attention seeking earrings were brought to my imagination one day while strolling though Pinterest. Im a Jewelry junky at heart, so it was natural for me to create Jewelry. When I was younger I loved to create friendship bracelets and necklaces, now I’m a little more serious about what I’m making.

Thank you to these special customers for creating positive energy and having stylish souls!:

https://www.instagram.com/fiercelynnSmart Starbucks run! Ashley Wearing Bright Red Evil Eye Earrings.


Dinner time for Arlette! She’s also wearing The Bright Red Evil Eye Earrings
https://www.instagram.com/lorenamocitoMy sweet momma enjoying the Summer, wearing these Bright Red Evil Eye Earrings


Stylish blogger McCayla, wearing these bright yellow Evil Eye Earrings.
https://www.instagram.com/dania.yamelBeautiful Dania, wearing these new Ocean Eyes, Evil Eye Earrings.


Traveler Michelle,wearing the Bright Yellow Evil Eye Earrings.

Check out these ladies who have excellent taste and wore these Evil Eye Earrings with style!

For more styles and custom earrings check out my instagram profile and shoot me a message! I’ll be creating my own content website soon and I’ll happy to do a collab with you!

  • Instagram.com/Texassultry

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