Guide to the Lazy Girl Hair Style

Do you ever have those morning where you just want to grab your hair up and go? Or suddenly you remembered that it’s fourth day hair? Or your alarm didn’t wake you up for you 7am shift!? Let me help you real quick!

1. Thinking Ahead

One of the several other steps I do to achieve my “hurry up” hair day is to blow dry it before hand. Meaning the night before. I wash my hair, use serum or whatever oil you use for your hair and blow dry it. That way my hair is not frizzy or a handful in the morning and I can just straighten some pieces and head out.

2. Braid It

For those with lucky straight hair, that wash it and head out the door. I envy you! If you’re like me, who struggle with taking time with your hair, a bun is usually the quick choice. But when you feel like it is not going anywhere or it makes you feel bleh. Try a braid. What I like to do is part it down the middle and make a French braid. Also another braid you can work with is if you gather your hair right at the nape of your neck and braid it to the side, let the hair in the front pieces of you face fall were they may and use the straightener to wave them a little.

3. Low Pony

One of my favorite styles is the low pony tail. When I want to look like a little more put together in my third day hair, I part my hair down the middle and gather my hair low in the back. With a little piece of hair I section it to wrap it around the hair tie and tuck it with a bobby pin. At times when my hair is blow dried I just let my hair be. When I don’t have time to blow dry it in the beginning and my hair is being a frizzy mess afterwards I let the pony do it’s thing, and I apply some texturing hairspray to give it a little zhoozh. I hope this gives you a little more inspiration to do something with your hair in the mornings or when your having a little difficult time.

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