How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Sometimes I’ll stand in my closet and really study my wardrobe. At times I see how boring it really is! How do I not have more clothes, I really need to invest! Tell me me I’m not the only one who thinks this way? Although we have an unbelievable amount of clothes, we always want more. But in order to get more, you really have to actually look at your closet in order to fulfill the emptiness that you “have”. Here’s some steps I do when that happens, it helps avoid the struggle to make up an outfit.

Write a list

Take a picture of it or you can make a list on your phones notes. Here’s some items or pieces of clothes that can make your wardrobe a little more exciting.

Bright Colors

So yes, you may have favored a color more in your wardrobe for some reason and maybe that way the spunk is not there. Write down the colors you wish to see in your closet. Mustard yellow and anything close to a dark yellow is the color of the season right now. Lilac or Lavender is the color of the year, you can wear it all year long and can wear it with gray, black, or white. Red is another color that pleases the eye, it is the color of attraction.Try These!

The Right Accessories

Some of my favorite accessories come from bold pieces. I love bold earrings and a watch to match. Wearing a watch with a casual outfit, instantly ups your look.Also wearing dainty pieces makes your outfit a little more polished and even wearing layered necklaces with a simple tee can compliment an outfit.Some Cute Stuff:

Stripes & Dots

When wondering what else you can add to your outfit to make it more interesting, stripes and polka dots are a fashionable way to make your look flattering. It’s a chic way to elevate your look.Check out these chic items:


One of my favorite pieces are those that are embroidered. These usual pieces give an extra handmade touch and sophisticate an outfit in any way you want to take it. It can be casual, for a cozy comfy look or if you want to wear it out on a date.Here are some cool pieces:

  • I hope you love these tips and tricks! Remember that if you need help with getting read, I’ll be happy to help !

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