How to Style : Bralettes III

Hello Babes,

I have previously made posts about how to style a bralette. One post is mainly a night time look, however I talk about how to style them with other kind of tees. This other post is mostly a summer look, so style your bralette accordingly, for those who are a little braver to show it off. If there are people who wear super short crops, why not wear a cute outfit like this over your bralette to show off a little skin, but yet hiding it subtly.

Check those posts out! Links here:

It’s Summer and although we are one month away from school to start and the change of weather is going to happen again, we want to feel as relaxed as possible. Especially with our outfits, let’s face it! It’s going to be hot all the way through November, maybe even December! Here are different styles you can pull off with two different kinds of bralettes.

The Racerback:

With the racerback bralette you can wear different kinds of shirts, that can expose your bra. My favorite are round tees that cut around your shoulder and this low V neck tees. But you can wear blouses or see through tops to make it more interesting.

The Single Strap:

With the single strap you can wear these cute spaghetti strap tops to expose your bralette. It’s casual and perfect for the summer. Like the racerback you can wear it with blouses or sheer tops. I love using loose blouses to wear it comfortably without the lace peeking through.

Hope you love all these tips!

Here are the links to these awesome affordable bralettes!

Thanks for reading!

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