My Top Favorite Apps

Here are some of my favorite apps that I use on the daily!


This is the one I use the most I believe, i use this for my pictures when I have an unwanted object in the background, or if i have a bruises on my legs, bumps on my face or if I want to smooth out a wrinkle shirt ( a fast life and no ironing).

I don’t use this to distort my body at all, there’s always something that looks disfigured if you try to move something you’re not suppose to, you can always tell.


This is my favorite app to brighten up a picture. I casually stumbled upon this app on the Apple Store, in the suggested helpful photo apps. I played with it and I loved it! It’s like creating your own unique filters along the way.


I’m no Joanna Gaines, but I can play like it using this app! Also, I feel like my creative juices flow and it relaxes me to try to find things that coordinate. Surprisingly a lot of people play this game! Borrow items from friends on Facebook and try not to spend your whole check on luxury sofas.


Easy to use and share with friends, so if you have a group project you can both use it at the same time. I save a lot of my work on this app, especially when I’m traveling and I want to send a document.


Last but definitely not least. I use this app every single time I go shopping, or on the hunt for some sales. I also refer this app to a lot of people who are using to find – secret coupons!

Great for frugal people like myself, who love to save a lot and spend a little.

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