PaperBag Pants // Vintage Tee

One of my favorite styles out there, right now are these cute paperbag pants! The ruffle at the waist makes any outfit a little more eclectic.

Lucky me, I found these cute plaid pants at forever 21 for only $7 at the clearance section!


Also another thing I was super excited to show you all is this awesome vintage tee I purchase from Poshmark at only $13!

(+ 6 shipping, dang shipping got expensive!)

It’s a true vintage AC/DC band tee from 1979! It was really well taken care of and the color was still true. I was in love!

I’m a sucker for band tees, especially those with the tour dates.

If you are considering getting a Poshmark account, use this code: sailormoon_sg

Using it you’ll receive $5 in your Poshmark account! You will find super cute, cheap clothes, shoes and basically anything.

Here are similar outfit styles:

Hope you love this outfit and get a little inspired!

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