Two Toned Jeans

Something about mixed denim on jeans make me feel like a whole new person.

So falls is dropping in on us soon, and that means more layers, boots and booties, dark colors and JEANS! Well of course, like anyone will tell you. Later appropriately for the weather, just because it’s a 100 degrees out in the middle of november, doesn’t mean you are required to wear your sweater out. I mean you can if you want, no one can stop you. Especially for those with their AC blowing in your office at negative degrees.

And now, here is me.

With me doing the least, wearing a crop top that goes down casually up to my waistline. Just to give me that extra vavavoom! I don’t like showing to much midriff, I am only a mom!

But these jeans is what I’m here for!

Just to die for, two toned, slim ankle, mid waist jeans. One of my resent favorites!

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