Summer Set Evil Eye Earrings // TXS

This post is a new twist.

The work I do for my own handmade jewelry. I have so many dreams and designing something for people is one my dreams.

Oh the Summer is ending!

I wanted to share these earrings before the fall begins. Although they are beautiful enough to wear within the fall time. These colors are in tones of Orange, Dark Yellow and Teal.

These are set for protection against all negative energy. All of my jewelry contains a form of “evil eye” as they call it. A amulet or symbol to depict all the bad. I am one who loves the meaning and analysis in names, symbols and stories.

More posts and pictures from my own creations that come from the bottom of my heart are yet to be created!

Please let me know what you have in mind, I’d love to create something for you!

Thank you to my friend Amanda for being my beautiful model. // Wearing Summer Set in Distressed.

For any jewelry contact Shop Texas Sultry

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