Mom on the Run

This post is going to be a little different from the rest of the posts Ive published before. This past week has been crazy busy with work, keeping up with Ale, keeping up with Roey (lol), house work/chores. Its been a mess! Luckily I got to wind down and its almost Friday!

I had a few hiccups during my week, where I forgot my house keys and locked myself out. Our emergency key was left inside the house. Roey had barely left for work, but thank god he was still near by. These things remind me that I need to slow down and think about whats going around and to set reminders and alarms – even for the little things.

I am a very FORGETFUL person! I recently started using my calendar more and told myself to set reminders for everything. Even doing simple things like – working on my poshmark, working on my blog, leaving work at a certain time to make it on time! I had a cute note book I bought from target when I first started my blog. I saw it on my table side and decided that maybe I should use it again to create ideas! Thats what I used it mainly for.

Hopefully I’m not as much as a scatter brain.

Thanks for reading!


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