My Favorite Stores: Black Friday SALES

This year really blew by fast! Thanksgiving is near and so is Black Friday – a shopping holiday. Black Friday is a whole experience for two kinds of people – those who are working in retail and also those who just want to wild out on those 3am shopping spree.

I have worked retail for a long time!

I also enjoy some aspects of it.

With that, I have studied the art of marketing of each store. Here are some of my favorite to shop for online and in store. Hopefully you do a smart decision and sign up for emails to get those top coupons and first dibs.

1.Banana Republic Factory

So I work here, and let me tell you that the deals for BF are amazing!

I can’t spill the deets but if you want that cozy luxuries jacket for a great price you can certainly get it here! Also little secret – Gap and Old Navy are sister stores.

*wink wink*

Banana Republic Items

—> official outlet website:


Colourpop is my favorite online makeup brand out there. Their eyeshadows are so pigmented and their lippies are amazing too. One of my future purchases will be their blushes, which I heard they are really good product.




Whats not to love about Target? It has trendy clothes you have been eyeing for months.Not your everyday Walmart. Target can be pretty pricier since it’s a little more modern with higher quality. Check out their ads for this Black Friday… Save your pennies.



Gymsharks trendy workout gear has been having me wanting more!

I love how their clothes just accentuate the curves!

Believe it or not they have been having their blackouts for 70% off their styles for awhile now!



Lulus clothing is always cute and a little pricier. Lately they have been including more fashion brand names like Dolce Vita and ASTR. It’s a good penny saver this time around for Black Friday!

Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to see what you guys wear to your dinner table outfits. Good luck finding sales on Black Friday!

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