Print/Plaid and all that…


Its been a very unproductive couple of weeks!

Im not gonna lie, the time I have to take pictures for my blog has really gone to a minimum. I practically am so exhausted from work, that my creativity is drained out of me. I dream of a place that I can channel my creativity for putting an outfit into a real life – thing.

I finally had a little bit of space to show you all how I mix in prints like this!


I scored this cute Plaid Tote from Urban Outfitters for only $7!

It was a Black Friday kind of deal.

I log on to Urban Outfitters more often for the accessories and lingerie. Sometimes I will find cute clothing for the right price, but rarely and when it happens you have to grab it or it’ll be too late. Its happen before 😦

Wearing a plaid top, is the ultimate winter outfit! So cute with a nice pair of jeans and boots. If you are going for a Cher from Clueless vibe, with a matching set – you can’t go wrong. With confidence you can pull it off.

I love wearing plaid tops with my leggings and some knee length boots. I have a lot of long tunic type shirts. You can even wrap around those plaid tops around your waist with some black leggings or even workout pants with a boyfriend tee and some nice clean white shoes to give you a edgy sporty look.


My love for stripes have grown. I used to not like any stripe item clothing, only because I thought it makes me look wide.

Stripes going horizontal have that affect. It all depends on the garment you own, like an all striped body con or a striped jacket. I like to pair striped tops, dresses or pants with a neutral accessory – In this case a black leather jacket. I wore a skirt that complimented my stature, I am a bit taller (5’5) average height if you ask me. Paired it off with some cute booties that go around my ankles and there you go. Black is so neutral, so monochromatic stripes don’t really set you down, it is easy to pair.

Little Tip: Different height of heel booties, make the outfit. Go with what your mirror tells you.

Im gonna be honest. It is rare for me to mix prints, but when I do I really think about my whole outfit – even my handbag. It can really set an outfit off if something is not coordinating. I love my UO tote and sometimes I have to change my outfit, or think twice about what I’m wearing because of the colors on it and the texture. It’s like a sweater.

So my mom says.

Well I hope you guys have inspiration y’all need to be dressing cute for today or tomorrow! I am really gonna try my absolute hardest to keep posting more! Let me know what you guys want to see or keep reading!

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