It’s 2019!

Wow, the year flew by – it was an awesome year but I hope this next year brings us more awesome shareable moments!

Apart from the love and closeness that I received from family and friends, I learned about myself and others.

I took and breathed in the moments I have with Ale while he’s little, learned to be careful with valuables, learned to be careful in trusting and being on guard.

I learned that Ale learns from us and to pay attention to the things I say out loud. Teach him good habits and to be a good parent.

Always saying I love you and encouraging good energy into @roeycardenas3 and our relationship. To not talk about our problems to the world but to solve it between our selves.

I learned to be careful about spending money and being smart about shopping. To save a lot so you can enjoy your wants.

Resolutions are tough and this year I decided to actually embrace my lessons of 2018 and turn them into goals from what already learned for 2019.

Here are my lessons turned into mini goals for 2019:

– nothing wrong with working out at home.

-shop for Christmas gifts EARLY. ( buying in spring is never too early)

-cook at home often.

-travel as a family often.

-read more.

-learn piano.

So far that’s what I have!

I hope that you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Go on to the new year with happiness and a good mind set!

Peace, Love and a happy new year!!!!

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