Sweater Weather

It has been a gloomy 2019 so far, I for one cannot wait for the sun to come out and dip in to a nice pool with some cute swimsuits. But for now Ill stick to some warm sweats and loose sweaters.

Speaking of loose sweaters, I love that sales from winter season are already popping up! (Reminder: that a bigger size sweater is great to wear.) When its payday and really good sales are at my favorite stores, I stock up on Large or Extra Large sweaters to keep me warm at home. I love loose fitting sweaters, they feel so cozy and you can wear them with leggings or your favorite jeans. Usually I will put one on just around the house to keep my warm. Im cold all the time.

I got this sweater as my regular size, medium. I love that it has the tie up at the sides of the body and the sleeves are loose. One thing that I thought about when first getting this is how soft the material is. It feels so soft and it actually kept me warm. This white sweater is from Clíche which I got at Saks off 5th at the outlets. These pants are so light and see through that I wore leggings underneath, also they were really warm afterwards. They are also made from a soft sweater like material. I believe I got these at Target (Mossimo). I love that these pants were high waisted and I could even wear them with cool platform sneakers for a more casual look.

One thing you can do to elevate your cozy sweater look is to wear a cute skirt with some nice pantyhose or tights. A thick material to keep you warm from the freezing cold. That way you look chic – without sacrificing your outfit. You can also pair it up with a long coat to pull it off, or a motor jacket to give an edge and some close pointy heels, booties or even some heeled sandals (like mine).

Here are some cute sweater outfits that I made for y’all! Click on the pic.


Hope you guys got inspired by this look, I know sometimes its hard to even get out of bed in this cold weather. Trust me, I wish I was stuck in bed with my blankets all day when its super cold out. Love you guys, thanks for reading!


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