Teddy Coat

So the sun is finally coming out.

It seems as this weather is getting weirder and windier. I can’t even wear a dress!

I initially made this post to show you how to wear a cute teddy coat in case of cold weather! It keeps me warm! It’s huge! It’s everything I thought a teddy coat could be.

I bought this coat at Style Union in McAllen. They have cute fashionable affordable items that you see the latest bloggers wear.

It catches a lot of attention because of how fluffy and oversized it is. It is a trend that’s been going on for a couple years now. I finally landed on the perfect one. I love that this coat has the collar flaps, and it is the perfect length and the collar is neutral, so I can style it with anything!

I styled it with a tunic length button down from Philosophy which I purchased at TjMaxx. Some cute leggings and some Hunter Boots , which im super obsessed with. They don’t look like your regular rain boots and they have edgy studs across them. Just my style!

Hopefully you guys can make a stop there soon!

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