Weekend Outfit + Recap

My most favorite color to wear at this moment is a dark orange/rust color. I love that it can really bring out my printed shirts or graphic tees in my closet and it catches the eye of the main color you want to bring out.

This weekend I paired a cute orange skirt with fringe details around the skirt with a black long sleeve top, to make the skirt stand out a little more. I paired it with some cute Zara heels, that had matching details to coincide with the skirt. Even though your outfit might have variant colors in a certain accessory, you can match one of its colors to your outfit to complete the look!

One thing that I love to pair my outfit with almost anything is a black Moto jacket!

I hope you guys love this outfit combo!

Skirt : Fashn.Haus

Black Jacket: Wilson’s Leather

Shoes: Zara (past season) I actually bought them from Poshmark!


I had the greatest time at Picture The Scene in McAllen TX! You all know we struggle with finding the perfect background and lighting for pics. Picture the scene gives you super cute background walls, lighting you can easily move around to make everything better (ring lights, hello!)

And most of all it was super fun! I really want to go back! 💕

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