My New & Old Style

I don’t know if its because I’m older or if my style has changed. I am more attracted to silky, loose blouses that are more modern. I use to not be able to be so bold and select a print out of the stashes of clothes, not even wear stripes! Along the years, I think I let myself play with patterns, prints and lines to work with my closet and make it fun!

Something that I really like to wear now that I have never really considered before (literally thought, I could only wear this if I worked at an office) are trouser, slacks or casual pants. Wow! Now I love that style and the fact that you can wear it with some really cool sneakers.I used to be a jean and shorts kind of girl and now I wish to have more pants in my closet. I like that you can casual it down with a simple tee and make it more interesting. You can wear a blouse for work and bring it down with a graphic tee for the evening.

One last thing that pops into my mind that I missed out on was wearing hats and caps. Now that’s all I want to own. I use to think caps made me look boyish, but now I don’t really mind looking like that. Hell, I wear boyfriend jeans with a loose teeshirt! I always like to dress it up and look cute with some wedges, my favorite shoe to wear ( somethings never change, I love wedges.)

What styles did you see yourself wearing when you were younger and what changed now?!

Hope you guys loved this little blah blah blah post. lol.


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