Cool Spring

So as another day of being wrapped up in a warm blanket.

All though we can sit here and shake our heads for letting Punxsutawney Phil, (The Groundhog) predict a short winter and wonder -why a groundhog? We have to get up and enjoy the day, no matter the weather.

Also if you feel like I talk about the weather all the time, it’s because you’re right! I do.

You guys, your outfit choice and everything revolves around the weather. If it’s too windy, your not gonna wear a dress! If it’s too cold, shorts, are a no go. Like today a light sweater is usually something I would be wearing- or anything long sleeve.

Sorry if the blog has become long. Lol

My point is that I wanted to share how you can mix a spring outfit for this winter weather! I know it’s risky wearing a something like skirt or a dress with how chilly it is, but you can make it work! Here are some tricks and tips to wear with skirts and dresses and still keep your legs warm.

What to wear with a:

Midi Skirt

– stockings/pantyhose

-mid calf boots

– booties


-closed toe heels (open toe heels with socks/pantyhose if your feeling daring)

Mini Skirt


-thigh high boots

-thigh high/knee socks




-heels/ close toe heels


– booties/ thigh high boots


hope you guys love this look and the tips I wanted to share! Please sign up to my blog to receive emails! Leave comments, I love to read them!

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