How To Pull Off ||A Long Tunic Button Up

One of my favorite types of outfits to wear are tunic type tops. Long shirts, long button ups, high low tops – honestly this is my go to outfit if I wanna be comfortable and hit that stylish mark of my day. I usually wear this with some comfortable leggings, yeah, I am a big legging kind of girl. Especially when its hot and you don’t wanna wear jeans, you want to just be comfortable enough to do chores, leggings are the pants for the job!

Tunics  (as many stylish peeps call them) are usually flowy, and if you want to add accessories to it you can definitely match it with a belt or wear a long necklace to make the outfit symmetrical and/or add definition.

One of the things that you can pair this outfit with and look extra chic is a blazer. By adding a blazer your outfit will look more put together and not so square. Im saying square because a tunic is one piece of long material, and it will make you look boxy, so by adding a long cardigan or a nice piece on top it will break that boxy look.

I am wearing:
– White button up from Forever21
– Distressed Jeans from H&M
– Plaid Blazer from Banana Republic Factory
– White Booties from Charlotte Russe

Similar Product:

Hope this inspires you, don’t be afraid to be creative with your wardrobe!

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