Weather Boots

When I was younger, I wanted to own a pair of rain boots, I wanted to splash in puddles and be able to go outside. I saw someone who owned a pair as someone who has their shit together.

Now that I’m older I have 2 pairs. What a way to step up, huh?

I have two pairs that I own so far, my expensive Hunter boots. I save them for fancy short errands of the day.

I have an older pair that I bought at Academy from the brand Austin, that I use for backyard chores or feeding my German Short Hair Pointer, Bailey.

Here is the link to my outfit:

Top from Misguided :

 Similar Top

Hunter AW18 Stud Adjustable Tall Boots


Some of the different ways you can wear your weather boots rain or shine:

Festival Look

Sporty Style

Girly Girl

Modern Edgy




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