Weekend Outfit: Casual Print


As you all may know,

leopard, neon, neutral color tones and sport wear are trending right now! Sometimes I get that fear of missing out (FOMO) on the latest trends. I find my mind a little scattered and overwhelmed to promote the trendy stuff going on. In fact, I read that now the consumer has the upper hand on setting trends, not the brand.

Do you think that’s true?

Comment on the bottom of my blog and let me know! I’m curious what you think.

Ok – so I know that sometimes I notice trends that are super hot right now and I find myself lost in the mix. Obviously my love for clothes is deep, but buying clothes and keeping up with the trends is so expensive.

I have to take a break from instagram and other social sites that block that mentality of having a dull wardrobe and really buying more, just because its what everyone is wearing!

Having your OWN style is what makes you trendy or fashionable!

I always have to remind myself, this is not going to be forever or it might be a good sustainable piece but I think about how I can mix it up and use it in the future. Dont always dive into trends just because their hot pieces- you are cool with what you own and how YOU own it! Just a little reminder there.

This dress was bought from my favorite store right now, Banana Republic Factory. This was actually a fall piece that I finally got around to wear!

I mean…

It was chilly for a long time! That groundhog had no idea what he was doing deciding that spring was here early. I finally wore this cute printed dress with flare on the bottom and the length is perfect for my height. If you’re like me and have big calves, or athletic legs as I like to call it- flare dresses can make your body look proportioned – especially with long sleeves.

This is a perfect weekend dress, since it is a little dressy but also super casual. You can pair it up with trendy white sneakers but you can definitely dress it up for the evening.

This is definitely a spring piece in my view!

Here are some similar dresses with longs sleeves and cute flares!

Click Pic Below!

Hope you all love this playful spring outfit!


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