Favorite Spring Items

So far Spring has been a whirlwind, I mean the weather is usually changing but other than my annoying allergies, I love dressing up for this season. When its a chilly night, I love to gather my blankets and just cuddle up in a ball in my bed and wear my coziest sweatpants. By day, I love dressing up with a cute dress or some distressed jeans- Im a mom on the go so sometimes a quick outfit is the option.

Here are some of my favorite items for this season so far:

1.NY Yankee Cap – For those windy, messy, it’s too early, hair days or when you just want to rock a cute cap with some nice shades. Also cute for the gym when you want to just hide your face from the world.

2.Fedora Hat – If you haven’t heard me say it enough – my wardrobe resolution for this year is to own more hats. Like Fedora hats or cute wide brim hats for any occasion, you can wear them in any season. Super chic. ( The one I am wearing was bought from Poshmark)

3.Long Cardigan Sweaters – You might think Im a grandma, but I get cold so easily. I fell a breeze and I am shivering. I love cardigan sweaters, especially if they’re long – you can wear them with a body-con dress or some jeans and voila a whole outfit!

4.White Booties – You think white booties are hard too pull off? Is it because they’re too white? I mean you wear white sneakers? With white booties you can wear ankle length jeans and a printed top with a muted jacket or sweater and you can pull of a whole look! I say they are usually paired with a more casual style than a professional one, so, watch out!

5.Angled Cat Eyed Shades – Oh man! I saw my idol Sophia Amoroso wearing some badass cat eye shades and I was looking for a similar pair! I am now obsessed and owning to many colored shades and cat eye shaped shades for the moment. Also I can’t pass on cute stylish shades.


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