How To Wear: Spring Dress//Festival Style

So many of us wish to go Coachella – at least once in our lives. Even though we live far from California, that doesn’t mean we can’t dress for it. We are still dressing up in spirit for the event and getting our space buns with a glitter part as our weekend outfit. Let’s all channel our inner Vanessa Hudgens this month.

I like to say this outfit has the vibe, I dressed up with some cute heels and a metal belt to add a mix of element. I let my hair get a little loose and flowy to go with the messy Californian style.

You can definitely add some spunky boots with this outfit to give it a total edge. Its your style and you can make it fun and different. You can wear this for a first date or a casual meeting with friends, or even wear it to the beach with some cute sandals and beach hat.

I am definitely dreaming big here and I am putting manifestation to work its wonder. I wish to go to Coachella with those that I love and have an amazing time listening to music out there. I am definitely a concert goer, I love that whole vibe and rocking out and especially taking pictures in cute outfits.

I hope you love this outfit and got a little inspiration. Don’t be afraid to mix your elements with an outfit, especially a dress or romper. You can add a belt and some badass shoes with it and make it looks chic!


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