Little Western Dress/ Free People

I’ve had this dress for awhile but I wanted to wait for the perfect weather opp.

I actually bought this cute flattering dress on sale for $11 from Free People, at Saks off fifth, when it was closing down in my area. I love this brand, it’s one of my favorites and I feel like this brand is exactly my style. A little edgy- a little boho and some kind of simple.

For this outfit I choose to go with that western trend that has been floating around these festival times. Since I’m from Texas and being a little bit Mexican, it was only fitting.

I love my boots fro Cuadra- I bought these in Mexico a long time ago! It’s been forever and they have a lot of life left and have served me and my outfits well. I receive a lot of compliments and they are super comfortable. If you ever run across this brand don’t pass them up, they’re my favorite.

I love the lace detail around the neck and chest, it accentuates my arms and the faux corset, gives it some sexiness but still keeping it playful. I paired it up with a cute hat and elongated earrings to make the outfit flow.

click this pic for more outfit details:

Hope you love this look!

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