Summer Outfit

I have to say, I miss the sun beaming down on my skin. I love the warmth – I missed it.

I can now go back to the beach knowing I am comfortable with the hot weather and ending up with a good tan.

I am happy that I can sit outside with Ale and I enjoying a good raspa. I love the Summer knowing I can wear a bathing suit, shorts and flowy tops.

These are my Summer go to shop:

– Super cute outfits, it’s where I got this flowy top and also my outfit for Ariana Grande Concert.

-> Click here for TOP

->Click here for DRESS

I love Old Navy – especially their bathing suits. So affordable and cute for the whole family!

->Click here for WHITE SHORTS

I love shoes! It’s my weakness. They have more high heels in their selections but you can sometimes find a cute flats and sandals for your outfit.

Until next time,

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