The Perfect (affordable) Hat

So a couple months ago, I made my Fashion Resolution for myself. To get a bigger hat collection. It’s been awhile now and I have purchased some cute ones from Poshmark that I love, but can wait till winter. I also got myself some from H&M in store!

My favorite is a big round stiff brimmed hat that I can wear anywhere. I’m gonna show you the cutest hats you can purchase for your perfect Summer.

1. Bright and Colorful

Wicker has been everywhere this season.This cute hat from Mar y Sol, is the perfect combo for Summer. Perfect to wear with a bathing suit for the beach or you Can pair it with a cute jumpsuit or Summer dress.

2. Edgy Brim

Don’t be afraid to start a new trend, wearing something different is always a conversation starter. Also wether it’s bad or good, the fact that you are noticed, feels good!

3. Chic Visor

This is a 90’s mom goals, well hello 2019!

This soccer mom visor is back! And you can definitely feel sexy with this at the beach with your sangria at hand. It’s perfect!

4. Stiff Brimmed Hat

My favorite kind of hat of all time! Hands down.

5. Bucket

I love the way the bucket hats are also making a comeback. You can wear it with some cute denim shorts and a cool tee. Another favorite, also Roeys favorite.

Sorry for the late post guys!

I’m over here busy moving and shifting things in my new place! Can’t wait to show you!

I hope you liked this post and hopefully I helped you find a new Summer hat!

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