Whoops// White Jumpsuit

Another week bites the dust.

I could sit here and talk about the Summer and the heat it brings!

But were tired of that… Hell I might start off my next blog post with just that. I wanted to show you how I got this cute white jumpsuit and how I messed it up.

White and linen with a light lining underneath, I bravely wore with some darker pair of underwear. Yeah, sometimes I don’t think things through while doing shoots. I am thankful that the day was not as bright and the sun was setting. It truly captured some great lighting.

I bought this cute jumpsuit for only $11 at Charlotte Russe, when it was opened! They messed up on the price and I hardly ever point out a mistake and try to cause a scene with it. Unless I REALLY want it! But they notice and didn’t tell me anything and change the price. This piece was not something I wanted – I just loved the fit and the price.

Then I machine washed it and hung it dry and – it shrunk a little.

I always wash my clothes before wearing them but this particular one I messed up on.

Don’t you hate it when that happens! I mean it’s fast fashion, what can you expect. This piece won’t last you forever.

So I hung it in my closet, kind of sad that I messed up somehow. Maybe I shouldn’t have machine washed it. My mother would have been shaking her head telling me I don’t know how to wash my clothes. She jokes like that, getting your ego a little. Call it tough love I guess- but through chores and how to be a woman.

I saw it once again earlier this week, thinking maybe I should give it another chance. It didn’t look bad, I really like this jumpsuit – maybe for the beach and the sun.

One of my favorite pieces to wear are jumpsuits. They make me feel powerful and put together and they are so easy to wear. Downside, you have to get naked when going to the bathroom. The memes you see on faceboook and twitter are real.

Have you ever fought for a price at the store? Messed up on a cute piece when washing it? Gave it another chance? What do you do with your worn pieces of clothing? I love to hear from you, comment on my blog below or my instagram!



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