From Business to Casual

Every successful girl boss needs a good suit.

Wether it’s a pant or a skirt, match it with a cute blazer and your set. Literally! I love a good matching outfit and when I see a suit I have to admire it for a sec.

If your like me and don’t want a simple black blazer, set yourself for more colorful ones that fit your body flawlessly.

A more business approach for interviews and meetings would be more appropriate with colors that are more neutral like black, gray, white or tan. If you feel like you can go bold, go ahead, more power to you!

I feel like I can really wear a linen suit for a more casual day, with strappy heels. A suit like this is fitting for a birthday party outdoors or in a more casual setting. A casual dining with friends and family or even a date in the evening.

The suit I am wearing is from Banana Republic Factory. It’s a beautiful blue that can be paired with neutral colors or bold prints for dominating interviews or setting the tone at the office.

Here is the link tho this outfit:

Ryan Pant – Blue

Ryan Pant – Pink

Matching Blue Blazer

Lilac Blazer

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