Transitional Outfits// Summer to Fall

One of my favorite seasons is coming up! Although it’s still hot in Texas, the fall is cooler at night and not as hot in the day.

I am the kind of person that loves to layer and layering is hard in Texas. Wearing less is much more comfortable in this unbearable heat! Hoping that fall takes it easy on us, since it’ll be hot regardless of season.

I love to wear my summer pieces into fall. It is tricky wearing your Summer pieces in Fall. Here are a few items that you can ease into the Fall from your wardrobe without splurging on a new wardrobe.

  • Jeans are a year round essential item. Most of all a fall/winter necessity, so wearing jeans into this transition of season is a great start.
  • Mules are the cutest shoe to wear in the day and night. I am wearing a mule shoe from GAP. Love that you can continue wearing this into fall!

– Here are Similar Shoes -> JCP

  • Vests are cute depending style and cut. I love long, blazer like vests. I am wearing a long knitted duster in a more darker color, suitable for fall from Targets Brand, Knox Rose.
  • Jean Jackets of course you can wear them inside the office, doing light errands and wearing a light material blouse underneath. You can pair a jean jacket with some light pants or cute skirt for a more cooler look.

-My Jeans are Thrifted from Texas Thrift in the Brand Ralph Lauren.

  • Long Maxi Dresses are my favorite kind of dress! It hides my unshaven legs and gives me a complete look. They’re so cute and cool while at the same time keeping me subtle for fall. I can also pair it with a jean jacket or a cardigan.

Hoping these tips helped in anyway clear up some clouded, creative thoughts for this season!

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