Tips and Tricks: How to Sell on Poshmark

You probably heard me talk about this app over and over again. I have recently started to re-use postmark again! I have clothes that are worth selling through this app and items that I don’t hardly use and are not worth selling at a regular garage sale.

If you have items that are worth selling, try Poshmark!

I have sold many, many, things on this app. Also, I have bought many, many things – my self control of saving gets the better of me when I see something almost new, for a lesser price! Think of it as if you’re buying from a thrift store, but cleaner (maybe) and it takes about 2 days to get to your house. I personally like to sell and buy through this app much more than selling and buying from E-bay. E-bay is a little difficult to use and can get complicated. When you stop selling through E-bay, they hold you cash for about a month, for safety reasons and if you don’t know how to use a UPS, USPS or Fed-Ex it can get confusing.

When you sell through Poshmark they make a label for you automatically and it can be send through your email or you can download it again on the app. If you are a beginning seller this app is easy and fun to use! Here are some tips and tricks to selling more items on this app!



So being on Poshmark, is like being on social media. You have to be present and available. The more you share the more your stuff will be noticed and things will be sold.

You have to share your own items to keep your inventory and yourself updated.

This is the key in making your cash quicker.



Posh parties are online app parties, people create to share and like items that are specifically for a certain item. For example, someone will create a event for selling only “shoes for kids” or brands ” Rebecca Minkoff”.  You don’t have to really attend, it is just easier for you to get noticed and get your stuff sold through these events. People don’t like to search often so when you go in the app and find the event, it is easier to buy things!


One thing I struggle with and I am trying to not do often, is shipping things late.


Try to ship things immediately after you sell through. Poshmark is selected on through USPS – (United States Postal Service) you know not (UPS). I made a “whoops” before selling through eBay and got to know the difference. That was me as a beginner.

Ship it fast and wrap it creatively for a good review.


When taking pictures of items try to take them in the day or in a well lit room. Make sure the color is clear and it reflects the items true quality. Trust me, people will give you a bad review for not showing the true quality.

I like to take my pictures outside, hanging on a rack or on the wall. Create a nice scenery, like some plants on the side or if you are creating a flat lay some magazines, candles or flowers.  Make sure its not a busy background, people will click on your items for beautiful created pictures, or even simple clean clear pics.

Try not to use any filters, buyers will ask more questions and get confused to how the item really looks.

It is great idea to model items, if you have the time. I always try to use good quality pictures of me wearing the items previously, like the day I went to a concert or a party, that way it’s easier for me to use a cover-shot.


It’s a little tedious to do this part. My trick is to search for the item or similar description of it and copy it. If it has specs and a professional pic, that’s even better too!

I like to describe how long I wore this item to explain that I might not have worn it for too long. Also, writing how you can wear this item to a special event, people search for words like “evening” or “daytime” so that can be something to consider when explaining. Make sure that you get to write how it might need some repairs, for example a missing button or it may have shrunk and might fit the next size down.


I hope that these little tips help you a long with your selling technique. I am not an expert but I love to sell and get creative with it. In hopes of having my own business one day, I try to exercise my skill through Poshmark. I learn with what I see from others and how to get better at it.


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