Whats In My HandBag?

Let’s get something straight here, I usually have tons of receipts in my purse. I cleaned it out just to make this post more organized lol.

Just wanted to give you a sneak peak on what I have in my purse daily! I carry these things everywhere.

I usually carry any fragrance or body spray with me. It helps me get that confidence when I need it.

This is something I wanna get to later on in another post. I suffer from a form of dermatitis that targets my finger tips. I carry this everywhere! It’s a must

I got so comfortable using a small card case instead of a huge bifold. After I had Ale, I had to lighten what I was carrying in my bag. I carried all these unnecessary cards, coins, business cards from 10yrs ago and receipts. Plus I would end up throwing in my coins and cash in my purse, sometimes I don’t even carry cash anymore!

I feel bad for my precious Ray-Bans! I forget to put them in their case. Now they’re all scratched up. I took them to the beach once and the sand got on them and they got worse! Lesson 1: Don’t take your valuables to the beach!!

I don’t get the 300 piece! But I’m always chewing gum! I love this doublemint one from Wrigley’s, they remind me of my dad when I was younger, he used to buy this gum and leave it in his truck.

  • Lipsticks

Nyx Matte Lip Cream

Lancome / Shine Lover Vibrant Shine Lipstick

Marc Jacobs Beauty – Le Marc Lip Crème – Shakedown 288

Just a couple. I love the Lancome  Shine vibrant lipstick, its so subtle and looks great with quick on the go makeup.  When I wanna switch up to a brighter color, I reach for Marc Jacobs and when I am wearing a more neutral makeup look I take the Nyx.

I carry it more for Ale, since stickiness follows when you have little hands everywhere. Also you never know when you might need it.

  • Floss

I got Floss wherever I go. I hate having something stuck in my teeth, I get distracted when I am having a conversation and end up sucking my teeth. It sucks and it looks so bad.

  • Tampons

I mean you know why!

I actually got these eyelash extension tweezers from a package of eyelashes. They are the best thing ever, they make putting eyelashes on a breeze! You can even use the other end of the tweezer to tighten you lashes.

The purse I am using is my old trusty – I love this Fossil purse and have had it for about 6 years or so. It goes with everything and it has gotten wet and it stills stand with me.  It is an older style so it is a little difficult to find it.

Well I’m off to putting all this mess back in my purse. See ya!



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