Whats for Sale? : F21 Red

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a story on my little trip to Forever 21 Red.

I try to sustain myself from purchasing from Forever 21 because the clothes are wear and tear rather quickly than your normal stores. If you want me to write about the difference between these two stores and why they are incredibly low price – comment below on my comment box!

It was really hard to find a decent quality product in Forever21 Red. Most of these clothing items were crop tops, which I love but cannot live everyday with a crop top. Besides that, I wanted to add a little bit of fall into my wardrobe. I found myself these mid rise, wide leg pants that come up to the ankle for $7. I also bought 3 basic tops for .30¢,some blouses for about $5 and cute boater hat for $4.


I was really searching for a low budget outfit and I got them!

I am a patient shopper, I love going through racks and racks to see what I can find and how low. This is why I am a huge Thrift shopper!

Have you guys stopped by a Forever21 Red? What do you guys think? Have you found something exciting in there? Tag me and let me know!


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