A beautiful vintage dress, DESTROYED.

Don’t you feel so distraught when a piece of clothing that you love so much, or thought of making something of it get destroyed.

That’s just what happened to me this weekend with this dress. I bought this $4 dress from the thrift store! It’s was beautiful, vintage and I thought it could make someone or myself very happy.

I paired it with some rhinestone silver straps heels and a silver coin belt from Lulus. Here’s a similar one from ASOS .

To neutralize the dress I wore a clutch from Kate Spade and some chic sunglasses from The Style Union.

So after the process of getting this dress photographed something awful happened. Coming back home, this dress got caught on my car door the WHOLE way home. It was torn all around the bottom in different areas. I barely noticed when I was putting all my clothes back in my closet.

Apart from that mess, the seam on the edge of the shoulders were coming undone. It left a huge hole – thank goodness it’s fixable. I was so upset, it was carelessness on my part. Next time I’m for sure making sure nothing is hanging over my car door.

This dress is under re- construction.

Hopefully it can get finished.

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