How I Find Inspiration Creating Outfits


I am a t-shirt and heels kinda gal.

I love to pair regular plain (sometimes close to homeless) tees with my looks. I feel like – even when you are wearing a regular shirt and you are going out and want to look trendy or appropriate to a place you can just put on some heels and voila – A look!

I am wearing a rag and bone loose tee, click on the link for similar style. You can actually find this style online on Tradesy for inexpensive. I paired it with some mid rise black crop pants from Francescas, some gold jewelry and some awesome statement shoes from Zara. Unfortunately I couldn’t find these shoes anymore online but I do love these Stuart Weitzman heels that can be paired easily with any outfit.

I get my inspirations from magazines, instagram bloggers and Pinterest. When I’m going out to a party or event and I can’t find what to wear, I first look at Pinterest and search for an inspiration that I can capture from what I have in my closet. For example, If I have some shoes I want to wear that are statement or a color I have trouble wearing, I search on Pinterest “black strappy heel outfit” and usually I get similar styles that I admire and go from there. Think of it like a makeup tutorial but for clothes.

When it comes to loving an outfit on instagram I usually just save the outfits to a page on my favorites just so I can look back at them later or purchase something I love.


I hope you love this outfit!! What do you like about this outfit? Do you have statement items that you love to wear? How do you pair them? I would love to know.


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