More To Help.

I have been reeled back into thrifts stores and finding beautiful cool pieces that I can see myself wearing. People always asks me where I find these pieces and when I mention a second hand store, they always tell me how I find such luck.

Honestly, it’s all about patience….

and a little bit of luck.

I go in there with no expectations on what to find, but knowing if I find something interesting or something I can eventually change, i’ll buy it. So I have posted some of these pieces (like this blazer) on my Poshmark page, available to purchase. I do love it – but I want to be able to build my own presence and help those find that unique piece they can add to their wardrobe.

This blazer is a size large, but I personally love the fit despite the size. You can wear it to a party with some cute boots or vibrant shoes that match the style of the blazer with some causal jeans and a simple tee. If you are going out for a more sophisticated evening you can pair it with a body con dress and match it with some cute heels. It all depends on your style of pairing.


I get the joy of helping you find your outfit of choice. I love to go through you closet and let me find you clothes, heck I’d even shop for you if that was the case. I love finding stylish pieces and dressing someone up – I live for it!

So if you are ever in need of a outfit choice or finding out what to get, Id be happy to help you!




This blazer is on sale on my Poshmark page Texassultry !

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