Denim Duster


Thrifted find.

Yup, this essential piece was discoverd in a mix of clothes. At first I thought it was a cool piece, this was essentially made to wear closed, button down as a dress. But I thought it could do more as a duster or eventually as a layer piece for the more cooler weather. Fall is here and this is something I could really wear going out on a date, at a more social setting or hanging out with friends.

I found similar style dresses below, it is a maxi dress but I paired it up some white jeans and a striped shirt to make it more interesting and not so boring. I try to do prints somewhere in my outfit or maybe even a graphic tee.

Outfit deets:


Similar Style:

Thanks for reading guys! Comment 🦋🦋🦋on my instagram if you love this look!



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