Fall in Straw

Don’t really fall in straw, it hurts and its itchy AF!

While shooting this little woven scene, I ran out of daylight and the sun hid in the back. The worst thing lol. I don’t have a reflector which I want to get, do you guys recommend anything to make dark scenes much brighter?

This reminds me, daylight savings time is almost here and Im gonna miss the sun beaming a little longer. I hate that when the time changes, it gets dark out and I get tired earlier. It seems as I get older, the earlier I wanna sleep.

I actually bought this cute little woven bag from Francescas on sale for about $14. Its so cute and I initially wanted to use it for the summer but I didn’t even get to it until recently. Its so cute and the mustard yellow is perfect for fall. The cardigan I am wearing is from target – an old item actually. I love Kimono throws, my favorite to wear all year long with jeans, shorts, dresses, at the beach you name it!

Here are some similar styles:


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