Nothing to Match

So this is a pointless post of a “New” top I have in my closet that has not been worn for almost 2.

Don’t you hate it when you buy something you love but have nothing to match it with?

I bought this top from Zara thinking I can pull it off. But I had no bottoms to match it. Wearing jeans with it was going to look so awkward so I was searching for something more subtle or opposite. The colors it has are vertical lines of yellow tone and navy all through out.

So accidentally, I matched it with a cute leopard belt and these pants from forever21 red i found a couple months ago. There so cute and comfortable and I love the way it flares at the bottom.

Moral of the story is, mix same palette color to create a interesting look, at the same time keeping it fresh. I think it has to do a lot with the shoes you wear and accessories you throw on.

Thought I share my minor struggle. Hopefully you are enjoying this weather and please take care, don’t get sick and stay warm!

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