How to Wear: Satin Slip Dress 2 Different Ways

Hey Sultry Babes,

I am so sorry for posting so late. I usually post on my usual Tuesday’s and Friday’s but my schedule has been shaken up a bit. I actually started a new job, so I am getting settled into my routine there.

I also started a Youtube channel called The Pea Pods with my bff and partner in crime, Ashley. I wanted to create a channel were all my friends can create, hang out and entertain y’all.

First of all –

I got my shirt and little black dress from Style Union 

This store has become my favorite recently, I love their styles and promos they offer. They are fashionably edgy and I love that their items are super unique.

I paired that shirt with this little dress to give it a different flair. I could possibly wear it to a concert or if you are going out to a party with your friends or just hanging out downtown.

If you want to wear this dress out by itself just take off your tee and off you go. I love slip dresses because you can wear them so many different ways. The texture of the dress is versatile to wear with other different elements, for example a jean jacket over this dress with some sneakers for a casual comfortable look. If it gets chilly you can throw a sweater on top or some long sleeve tops underneath, with some tall boots.


Hope you love this look!


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