Some Catching Up & Thansgving Inspo.

Hey, everyone, it’s been a minute.

I had a very long week without my phone. No social media, no blog posts, no fashion updates. I was mostly keeping myself distracted by watching some Netflix – Lucifer to be exact. Super great show, if you’re into romance and detective work.

Thankfully I got my phone back and I’m back to writing a little bit on this platform.

I wanna dive into what’s almost near! Thanksgiving! I’m excited about food and leftovers. Fights with relatives and getting ready to do some Black Friday shopping. I love the holidays, I’m the kind of person that loves to dress up even if it’s to sit in the living room with family for 3 hours. It’s part of the festivity! At least for me.

So jumping into my favorite part of the Holidays. I bought this flirty dress from Francesca’s. It was on sale during the Summer for $9. Usually, I do my winter shopping in the summer and I got a good deal on winter clothes. Hopefully doing a haul to show you.

Here are some cute casual Holiday Dresses

Cute Headbands

In love this blue-green dress, it’s cozy but at the same time appropriate for the season. When you are I undecide on what to wear, nude heels are always a go to.

I added a cute silver layered headband that I bought from Claires.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to dig into your Thanksgiving dinner? If you’re like me you might wanna get into something that’s flowy and let’s you get seconds.

Hope this helps and I hope you got a little inspiration for it all. More to come…

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