Big Barrettes

I have always been a fan of hair styles and hair accessories. Even if it’s different and pretty out there, kinda thing, I always leaned into and saw the fashion, artistic side. That goes with clothes as well ( except for those camel toe shoes, what is going on?)

I am in love with these huge barrettes trend that has been going on for awhile. Not too long ago, I got a goodie bag from The Style Union and in it was 2 cute barrette clips. A pearly clip from Lani Accessories and another Chic barrette that has been seen pretty much on every blogger from Modest Babe.

These accessories are the prefect piece to compliment a look for the holidays. Including New Years. It’s super stylish, chic and appropriate to wear to a holiday party or at your own family’s dinner. It’s a perfect way to accessories.

What do you think of these cute barrettes? Do you like the trend or are you going for a different look for the holidays?

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