Goodbye 2019

Hello 2020!

It’s been a hectic month! I’ve been working pretty much everyday so not a lot of time for getting an outfit ready. I get up at 5am to go work at 6am and but the time I’m clocking out I look like I need 12 hrs of sleep. When I do have time, I spent it with my boys or watching some Disney+.

I’m not gonna lie, I love 2019. We went on a vacation with family, spent time with my friends and got to see Ariana Grande in Concert, Aaron Watson in concert and got to meet him. I have had so many beautiful blessings and realizations, that I now know why something’s didn’t really move forward. I got see Ale grow and watch Roey be a even amazing dad to him.

Another year around the sun, it kinda makes me sad to think everything is going so fast. I wish it could slow down. Everyone’s getting older and it hurts a little to think we all don’t have too much time here on Earth. I just feel so appreciated for everything, I feel happy and blessed I live this beautiful life.

So here’s to another decade!

May it be a successful, amazing, encouraging year! Remember to not let your failures keep you down- dust your knees and keep moving!

Love you all!

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