Oversized Jacket

Don’t you just love these cooler days.😎

I feel like I can finally wear whatever I kind of want without being too hot or cold.

I wanted to share with you how to wear an oversized jacket. Especially this black one I bought at Francesca’s. I love oversized anything- sweaters, handbags, hats. I feel like if you want to make a statement it’s with an oversized “something.”

I paired this jacket with a lengthy skirt, I bought this one at Banana Republic Factory in sale. It has a nice texture to it so I won’t feel cold during the cooler nights. It’s also different because it has some white and black material in between. I usually looks for material that is not always so sleek. Look for different textures to make your outfit stand out and less boring. It’ll last you longer in your closet.

I also threw in a cute band tee from The Style Union. It’s my favorite shirt at the moment, no lie. If you have read my blogs before you know I’m a sucker for band tees – especially tour tees. I love that you can wear them at any occasion, any time of day.

With this I wore the jacket to make a final statement. You can wear an oversized jacket with some leggings a long button up shirt and some sneakers or boots, for a more casual look. You can also pair it with some old faded black jeans and a plain tee for a chic out the door look.

Hope you like this look!

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