Maxi Dress for Spring

So let’s get this straight. Spring is coming early? Because of a Groundhog…

Honestly I am a little sad that this winter was not as cold as I wanted it to be. I really wished for snow, but that is a little too far fetch for us in South Texas. In the other hand, I  get to wear cute dresses without feeling too cold. I am always freezing, even at home!

I love wearing maxi dresses, they are like my favorite thing to wear. They’re effortless, cute and can be worn many different ways to different occasions. When I look for maxi dress for my body I think about the way it enhances my waist. Honestly, I don’t really care for body con, tight dresses. That’s just me. I feel so self-conscious about the material and how my curves might cling on the wrong places. Also, I am past the age point were I am not sure I can wear that anymore. I like dresses that accentuate my arms, so no cap sleeve for me.

Here is a cute dress I dressed down with some edge.

Bought this dress at TJmaxx

Hope you love!

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